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About Toolkit

All Small Island Developing States are busy with the Sustainable Development Goals in one way or another. Some are more advanced than others; some are piloting mechanisms for implementation; some are emphasizing certain SDGs; some are trying to align the many related initiatives.

But regardless of the differences in the phase, speed or depth of SDG implementation, all SIDS face the challenge of tackling his enormous task with limited resources. For this reason, the Centre of Excellence (COE) for the Sustainable Development of SIDS decided to collect practical information about SIDS implementing the SDGs. All this information can be found in this toolkit, and you can search by SIDS, Phase or SDG. We have used the MAPS approach to structure the information, although one does not necessarily need to apply the MAPS approach for this toolkit to be useful.

So with this toolkit, the COE wants to bridge islands of knowledge in SDG implementation. We hope this toolkit helps you do more with less, avoid mistakes others may have made, and increase the impact of your SDG implementation process.